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Designed to Sell

A historic home underwent an entire renovation that resulted in a soft modern aesthetic that appealed to multiple demographics. The custom designed kitchen and baths paired with hi-end finishes, lighting and hardware elevated the new build resulting in a multiple offer, over ask transaction. Staging the home with modern touches and vignettes offered something different for todays competive real estate market. Styled to Sell and SOLD in one weeks time.


One of Chicago's finest vintage builidings had a newly restored unit in need of a Staging that would highlight the units vintage features while illustrating how todays buyer wants to live. Strategic, unique furnishings and Art curation from a well known gallery took this listing beyond the average Stage.


This style-to-sell transformation underwent a massive edit of books and accesories. By organizing and creating groupings of collections, buyers were able to find the homes belongings interestesting rather then distracting. This once neutral home benefitted from a rework of exisiting furniture in a new configuration. Modern accessories and a new contemporary rug were brought in for a final layer of texture. SOLD over ask under a weeks time!


A mix of vintage and eclectic pieces brought a much needed warmth to the new build. Layers of texture paired with unique furnishings created a stylish home that reached our target buyer looking for something different.

2801 W Shakespeare_007.jpg


A busy family needed a fresh eye to edit and highlight special photos and momentos that lined the custom designed shelves in their new home. Strategic layering and use of scale resulted in purposefully styled shelves.


A once outdated town home was transformed by a new color palette and reconfiguration of furnishings. Heavy and taste specific furnishings underwent a major edit and the master was transformed with fresh linens, and a mix of antique art. Contemporary lighting updates, strategic rental furnishings and accessories throughout infused a sense of youth to the listing and got it SOLD.


A busy family needed a plan to freshen up a heavily lived in space. A thourough edit, purge and comprehensive reconfiguration of furniture created a welcoming space that buyers could see themselves exploring. SOLD!

Specializing in Interior Styling and her signature "Style-To-Sell" transformations, Maria Topper is a Creative Consultant and Interior Stylist with an innate ability to create unique and welcoming spaces.

© Maria Topper 2018